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Literary Rockstar: Dreams They Gotta Chase Me Cause I Don't Get No Sleep

Did you fly across the Northern Star?

L.B. [neuro-sweet]
8 October 1985
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I'm a DJ and Hypnotic Sex Goddess. Come inside to find more, get obsessed and share my obsessions. Come to play or don't come at all. Learn it, Live it, Love it!
I'll mess with your mind, your libdo, and your music; not always in that order.


v: The act of staring over a DJ's shoulder to see what records he's spinning. A song/track hunter. Usually a DJ.

Originated from the British phenomenon of train geeks waiting on train platforms, notebooks in hand, recording the types and numbers of trains coming into the station.

The bitch is back! This is is the story of a girl from Wonderland. She's known by many names. You may know her as Miss Batling author and Dominatrix. She is also called DG. She is me and I am her and we are all together.

I host Talk with Tarot Geek on BlogTalkRadio and am currently doing the Tarot Geek Taroscopes and Ask Miss Geek on Bombshells & Rockstars. I write and read all stories on [geishaspeak]

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The Hunts and Kills

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